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Renuvi Touch® Robotic Facial Toning and Lifting Device

Renuvi Touch® Robotic Facial Toning and Lifting Device


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See results with Renuvi Touch® Robotic Facial Toning and Lifting Device! An all-in-one device that massages your skin and delivers your skincare products simultaneously.
Instant face lift with a constant boost to collagen levels.
Collectively pampers your face and neck from 3 up to 36 mins.
Reduce and prevent deep wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin.
Get a healthy glow after only 5 minutes of use.
See results in as little as a week!

Treatment Areas:
Face and neck

What's Included:
Facial mask
Neck mask
Skincare dispenser & accessories
User manual
Made In the USA with imported parts.

How To Use
Plug in the device. Add a skincare product to the skincare dispenser. Place device on face and neck. Press power button to turn on device. Turn knob to set desired massage time. Press power button once again to begin the massage.

Exercise, tone, tighten and lift skin in a matter of minutes. A robotic massager that delivers gentle strokes to your skin and tones muscles in your face and neck starting from 3 minutes up to 36 minutes maximum. Revolutionary design and system that lifts skin and tones muscles to reduce the signs of aging- wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Improves skin tone and texture with the combined use of recommended skincare products. Results may vary.
No need to use your hands.
Delivers your skincare products directly to your face and neck.
Lifts skin in an upward motion.
Made up of moving parts that massage your face and neck.
Safe and effective.
No electricity delivered to your face whatsoever. A robotic massager that does the work for you.
No charging required.
Built with a long electrical cord for convenient outlet use.

Renuvi Touch® is the world's first ever robotic facial toning device made of moving parts to massage and lift skin. Exercises your face and neck muscles, tones, tightens and lifts skin. Safe and effective. Easy to use. No setup required.

Renuvi Touch® comes with a (1) year manufacturer's warranty to protect against defects of the device.

Renuvi Touch® is designed and Made In the USA with imported parts.

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