About Us

We are Peach X Pearl Co. a beauty technology company that specializes in anti-aging solutions and develops consumer tools that eliminate multi-step processes in skincare and beauty routines.

Our Promise To You 

We believe in putting our customers first. Our promise to you is to value your concerns and take note of your feedback to us.

Open communication is vital to us. We have live chat available 24/6 to respond to any questions you may have.

Our primary goal is to ensure that we deliver quality products to our valued customers. Our commitment to our customers is that we will work to mitigate any issues which may arise during our product development and shipping activities, and we will keep customers informed along the way towards product shipment.

With a professional business and product management team at the helm managing day to day operations, Peach X Pearl Co. is highly capable and determined to continue to build and deliver products that delight our customers. 

Early On

In 2020, we started out with an idea of improving skin health which soon would become what is known now as Renuvi Touch™. Renuvi Touch™ is an automated anti-aging face mask that works with your favorite liquid-based skincare products. Renuvi Touch is an innovative product – it lifts and restores your skin.



With one product in development, we’re now moving forward with the creation of beauty devices that are suited for active households and individual businesses that help to regain valuable time and complete beauty and skincare routines with minimal effort in cleaning and commitment.