Anti-Aging Benefits of a Facial Massage

Anti-Aging Benefits of a Facial Massage

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and like any other organ, it requires care. Prolonged exposure to environmental toxins, ultraviolet rays, lack of moisture, and dehydration, contribute to the lack of luster and damaged appearance of the skin. Even more, the face and neck regions of the body are more susceptible to damage due to lower skin density compared to other sites on the body. Further, as one begins to age, skin tends to sag and wrinkle and become cracked or dry.

How can one improve their skin health? You can perform a manual massage with your hands or choose an automated device such as Renuvi Touch®.

When performing a massage, you'd want to stimulate the face and neck regions to increase blood flow to these areas. This allows the skin to repair itself, and the reason being is due to the increased production of collagen. Collagen plays a major role in reversing the signs of aging.

By age 30, you will lose approximately one percent of collagen for each year thereafter, so it's important to begin a skincare regimen in your early 20's to mitigate the signs of aging.

You can increase your collagen levels by taking a collagen supplement, applying a topical vitamin C and ingesting it naturally, performing a facial massage, and exercising- which are all great techniques and a nutritious benefit to slowing down the aging process.

Even if you haven't begun a skincare routine, it is never too late to start one. Keep in mind that the same skincare routine you have in your 20's shouldn't be the same one in your 30's or even 40's. You must incorporate a new formula or technique at every age interval to revitalize your skin and combat the subtle changes that occur with aging.

When performing a facial massage, you also want to lift the skin upwards. Never pull down on your skin, that is a big no. Also, when massaging your face, don't forget your neck. Pro tip: Massage your skin to the hairline. By doing so, you working every part of your skin and ensuring that every inch gets special care. Taking in consideration these tips, we hope we've helped you to better understand the need for an optimal skincare routine and that it is never to late to start to improving your skin's health.

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