An Essential and Excellent Travel Tote to Carry with Your Luggage in 2023

Photo credit: Karen Salkin

When shopping for luggage, it's important to think about how much space you'll need as well as what kind of activities you'll be doing while traveling. Our luxury tote is a great addition and stylish piece to add to your luxury luggage collection to carry your belongings without being too large or heavy.

It is durable, lightweight and functional.

Many individuals are raving about the functionality of our handbag due to its large size and extra exterior pockets which allow items to be placed away quickly or to locate them in a hurry. When we say function, we truly mean it. You can place your shades, shoes, water bottles, etc., in the bag and maintain an organized appeal. Don’t believe us, see what Karen Salkin of says, “they even say there’s room for a pair of shoes in the center! That’s so perfect, especially for New Yorkers, because they cannot wear their walking shoes to work, nor their business footwear to cocktail hour.”

It’s also made of a soft leather material and cotton lining fabric that enables the bag to maintain a light feel which is a necessity when traveling. Another thing to note is our tote’s durability as it will last for an extended period and will not break down or lose its shape. The handles and certain parts of the bag are reinforced with a specific material to maintain the bag's structure.

Most of our customers who are in line to receive our bag intend to carry this bag on their next trip or at an event. “As a mom, it wasn’t convenient for me to carry a diaper bag and a purse at the same time while traveling with three young kids. It’s just a perfect bag that handles it all.”-CEO, Peach X Pearl Co.

Get your hands on our most loved item. Shop it before travel season kicks off.

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